‘Sam is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he does but importantly he knows how to apply this to your own specific needs. He worked closely with me to understand what I was looking for and did an amazing job of helping me achieve my goals. I came away from our sessions really confident and motivated to get stronger and it is paying off. The work and research between sessions also didn’t go unnoticed – finding exercises that would help with my golf swing is just one example of many! Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your training to the next level, Sam’s your man.’
Roxanne King, W1

“Thank you Sam, for taking me from post-operative recovery following a broken tibia to being fit and able again. My NHS physiotherapist was most amazed at my recovery, and it is all down to the carefully thought out training routines and targeted exercise that restored self confidence, strengthened my core stability, and then helped strengthen my fractured leg.”
Many thanks
John (N1)

“I had never used a personal trainer previously, and never understood the value – after all I know how to move/run, right? I was completely wrong – Sam started by examining how I move, enabling me to understand where I was strong and where I was weak. This would then form the basis for my training program. The sessions I had with Sam were fun, informative and formed the basis for a program I’ve now taken on and become stronger where I needed to be strong. On from this, I would also recommend Sam for having expert knowledge of exactly how to lift and move in the correct manner to avoid injury and maximise the benefit of the exercise. Now I have a strength program in place and 100% feel stronger and all the time I practice I’ve safe in the knowledge that I’m doing everything safely and efficiently thanks to Sam’s expertise. Oh, did I mention he’s also a great guy too – always made the sessions more enjoyable”

Tim Barber

St Giles


‘Before I started working with Sam I had used a personal trainer in the past with mixed results and so stopped training.  I hadn’t done any exercise for quite a while and was aware I was becoming more and more unhealthy.  I didn’t want to be one of those fathers who was always too tired to play with his kids, so when a friend recommended I use Sam’s services, I decided to take the plunge.  I was immediately impressed with Sam’s depth of knowledge and experience.  The smartest trainer I’ve met, he’s always clear and informative while knowing when to push me a little harder and get me to do more than I realised I could.  Since working with him, not only have I lost weight and got stronger but I’ve also completed my first triathlon.  After a recent traffic accident, I injured my back, and Sam is now helping me reengage my core and get moving again.  Sam is an awesome personal trainer whose knowledge is second to none.  I can’t recommend him highly enough!’ – Charlie Bradshaw, Clapham.  


‘I approached Sam for PT sessions when I fell pregnant as I was keen to keep up my general strength throughout my pregnancy and going forwards after having baby. What impressed me most about Sam is his in-depth knowledge and keen interest in exercise and the body, and as such he is able to tailor the sessions to your personal circumstances. Sam is also very motivational and knowledgeable about diet which was also very helpful, especially in my particular situation. Following my return to work later this year I am looking forward to more PT sessions with Sam!’ – Amy Allen, Blackheath.



‘I wanted to take my weight training to the next level and knew I needed to have the correct technique to do so. Sam was fantastic. He identified areas of my technique that needed improving and designed a great training plan to help it.   Since starting Sam’s training plan, I have seen great improvements in strength and muscle tone in a short period of time. I have even dropped a size in jeans! Training with Sam is a lot of fun. He makes you appreciate how the body moves and how to get the most out of your session. I would highly recommend him to anyone – no matter what fitness level.’ – Suzie Burgess, North London.  


‘As an older woman with no previous experience of exercise I felt rather apprehensive as my first session approached. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do anything and that I would make a fool of myself. However, Sam was very patient and reassuring. He tailored the exercises to my level and made me believe that I could improve my fitness level. I was hoping to become a little more flexible and to strengthen my core. I felt the difference very quickly. I seem to have more energy than before and I’m more supple. I am less breathless and more mobile. Sam is a wonderful trainer’ – Sue Steel, Ladywell.  


‘At first I was worried about aggravating old injuries, but Sam was careful to make sure I warmed up in the correct manner, and was able to suggest better ways of doing certain exercises (eg. deadlifts) to avoid injury.  I knew I had problems with my left shoulder and left hip but I didn’t know what was causing it. Sam helped by showing which exercises would help strengthen these areas.  He taught me about better exercise technique and how to target specific weaknesses and improve them (in this case, left shoulder and left leg). The confidence in knowing it wasn’t just ‘all in my head’ but there were structural reasons behind the pain and discomfort – once something is identified it’s far easier to address.  Sam’s a top notch communicator, completely approachable and professional.’ – Monty Burgess, North London.  


‘I regularly do Pilates and was a little nervous about what working with a personal trainer might involve.  I knew I wasn’t interested in boot camp style training with a drill seargent shouting at me, nor did I want to get bulky muscles.  So I was pleasantly surprised at the effort Sam made to explain exercises and teach me how strength training could improve how I felt without making me look like a bodybuilder!  My strength has really improved – I can now do a single-leg squat and I’ve nearly got my first pull-up – which I never thought I’d be able to do!  I’m not sure how he does it, but Sam always manages to make me work hard without forcing me to do anything I don’t want to do.  Training with Sam is a fantastic learning experience and I’m really looking forward to seeing what I can achieve next with his help.  If you get the chance to work with him, take it!’ – Olivia Bradshaw, Balham.


For someone like me who finds gyms and exercise intensely boring, Sam’s PT sessions have been fantastic.

Each week he tailored a variety of different workouts that helped me achieve my goals and each one was a lot of fun.  He’s curbed many bad habits formed post-pregnancy and physically, I’m stronger than ever.
I am very happy to recommend Sam to anyone as a great PT.’ – Kemi Badenoch, Wimbledon.



‘I signed up to my first triathlon earlier this year without any experience or knowledge of the levels of training involved. Sam was fantastic and devised an easy-to-follow training programme specially tailored to my schedule, fitness level and experience (making sure I focused on cycling, which I had least experience in) – and made sure I built up fitness gradually. His guidance and advice were really helpful, particularly for both injury prevention and motivation. He incorporated drills into every workout, ensuring I spent a bit of time concentrating on technique during every session. I found following Sam’s programme so much more satisfying and rewarding than the unstructured exercising that I’d been doing previously – and his enthusiasm was really encouraging, too.’ – Ellen Christie, Vauxhall.


‘I think it’s hard to beat any work-out session that offers such a healthy combination of fun, fitness and fact. Sam has worked very hard to offer a routine that was enjoyable and attainable, but also very informative – in terms of what exercise works and just as importantly, why! The outside environment was also a welcome change to the sweaty confines of the gym. If you’re looking for a pleasurable alternative to the norm, you’ll be in very safe hands with Sam.’ – Matt Wilkinson, Soho.


‘Sam wrote a great training programme to prepare me for my first triathlon. While his knowledge of everything from interval training to bike handling to lifting technique in the gym is very impressive, his coaching tips are easy to understand and always motivating. Even during the really tough sessions! For anyone interested in training hard and smart, I’d highly recommend they work with Sam.’ – Rob Leeming, Islington.


‘Sam is an awesome trainer. He knows his stuff, is patient but absolutely gets the job done. No slacking during his sessions! I feel fitter and healthier than I ever have and it has had a fantastic impact on my daily life. I can’t recommend him enough.’ – David Showell, Barnes.


‘I have trained with Sam for many months.  He combines the professional approach of an experienced, elite sportsman with real understanding of the needs and requirements of the enthusiastic amateur.  Training with him is always fun and well structured, with positive results.  In short, Sam is first rate, with an infectious passion for fitness.’  – Steve Richardson, Sheen.


‘Working with Sam was brilliant, he really knew how to motivate me and always put together an interesting & challenging workout.  The programme he put together for me really helped to improve my fitness, and now I am running my first 5K in March!’ – Maria Wylie, Sutton.


‘In addition to his bike skills coaching, Sam designed and delivered a circuit training class for Herne Hill Youth Cycling Club. The course was carefully tailored for our group and gave a vigourous all-round workout, aimed at building core strength and improving flexibility. Sam’s approach and delivery was just right – he put everyone at their ease, but also went into enough detail to get the most out of every exercise, and to test their limits.’ – Bill Wright, British Cycling regional coach.


‘I had a cycling session with Sam.  I hadn’t ridden a bicycle for about ten years and was pretty nervous.  Sam was happy to run the session close to my work, (so I could easily borrow a colleague’s bike), and researched the best local place to practice before we met.  His teaching style was clear and encouraging.  We focused on what we could achieve in the session, and Sam also pointed out things to improve on later.  Afterwards I fulfilled my wish to build up the confidence to hire a bike by myself and ride it on holiday in Amsterdam!  Sam’s been really good at explaining how to build on some exercises that my physio gave to me to recover from an injury.  I would definitely recommend trying Sam out as your personal coach.’ – Kate Engles, Stoke Newington.