Bespoke Training

After a free consultation, every programme starts with a client’s fitness assessment, which can include a blood pressure reading, anthropomorphic measurements and tests to determine muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility and postural analysis.

Any training programme is tailored towards your goals and the time you have available to pursue them.  Unlike the ‘one size fits all’ approach you’ll find in a bootcamp session, any programme I create will be focused entirely around your ambitions and goals we’ve discussed during our consultation and your current ability levels we’ve discovered during our fitness assessment.

These goals might include building strength, adding muscle mass, losing body fat, improving posture, training for specific sports or simply learning new skills.  I love to help my clients on their adventures with the most efficient techniques, some well established and some more unusual – think barbell complexes, metabolic conditioning, gymnastic rings, movement flow and the joys of tabata and EPOC.  Variety is key to stimulating your minds and your muscles to grow!